Subterranean Deception – A Digital Dread

PREMIERE ON October 25, 2024 & PERFORMANCE ON October 26, 2024

8:00 PM | Queer Theater Collective
Performance at Theater Fletch Bizzel, Dortmund.


The audiovisual horror performance „Subterranean Deception – A Digital Dread“ merges reality with digital illusion to explore the challenges and perspectives of queer identities in an alternative sci-fi reality. Inspired by Caitlin Starling’s novel „The Luminous Dead,“ the production delves deeply into the minds and emotions of two queer characters on a caving expedition on an alien planet. In the claustrophobic depths of the cave, the tension is not just from the dangerous surroundings but also from the intense psychological interplay between the characters.

Using cutting-edge tracking technology, the performer’s movements are precisely synchronized with the projected digital backdrop, creating an immersive experience on stage for the first time. This advanced technique allows for an unprecedented portrayal of the characters‘ emotional and psychological journeys and crafting a dense, atmospheric tension.
The performance breaks new ground in stage art and immersive spatial design, inviting the audience into a visually striking and atmospherically rich world.

Content Notes

The performance features psychological and visual horror that might trigger specific phobias such as trypophobia and apeirophobia. Trypophobia is the fear of tightly clustered patterns or small holes, while apeirophobia is the fear of infinity or endless spaces. Rather than relying on jump scares, the horror unfolds gradually and intensely through the visual environment and the complex emotional interactions between the characters. The performance delves into themes of loss of control, identity, and survival within a futuristic sci-fi context.

Audience members can leave at any time during the performance. They are not involved in the onstage action, and no flashing lights are used.

Recommended age: 14 and up.
English presentation in plain language.


Queer Theater Collective

The Queer Theater Collective is composed of various queer artists in the performing arts, including performance artists, actors, and digital artists, along with amateur actors from the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. The collective is dedicated to representing and promoting current and future LGBTQIA+ performers, advocating for greater visibility of queer and non-binary narratives and queer_feminist content on stage.


Cast & Credits

Produced by Queer Theater Collective
Featuring Noel N., Joyce Sophie Stachelscheid
Direction & Stage Play by Darbyn Luisa Kalkuhl
Digital Art & Visual Effects by Kevin Clever (Clevereffects)
Music & Sound Effects by Francis Siefer, Kevin Clever
Technical Assistance by Markus

In cooperation with Theater Fletch Bizzel & Digitales Koproduktionslabor Dortmund
Supported by Koordinierungsstelle für LSBTIQ* Stadt Dortmund





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